Pride Jewellery

Jewellery isn’t just an accessory, it’s a great way to create visibility and to express your inner self. Therefore I created the Pride Necklace series.

With this collection of wearable art I want to empower people of the LGBTQA+ community by creating pieces which allow them to incorporate this important part of their selves into their style on a daily basis.


Rainbow & Asexual Pride

The colour scheme of the crystals fits the pride colours to create representation or the whole LGBTQA+ spectrum. With the Rainbow Pride Necklace my work resembles the most well known LGBTQA+ symbol while the Ace Pride Necklace focuses on the asexual population.

I’m currently working on more pride colours to broaden the range of my jewellery and to give more people the opportunity to show their sexuality by wearing it’s colour code directly around their neck.


Hand Drawn & Unique

Every jewellery piece is hand drawn by me using water proof liner, non-fading polychromo colour pencils by Faber-Castell on frosted shrink plastic. I don’t use stencils to create unique wearable art. The frosted surface is semi-transparent so the skin colour shines through which makes the piece even more personal.

The whole artwork is sealed by a spray varnish to protect it from dust and water. Every piece comes with a silver plated 16 inch curb chain and a 2 inch extender.