Modern Saint – Embroidery Portrait

He wears his sorrows, worries and fears like a crown of thorns and is only one of many modern saints among us.


It’s the epitome of modern mankind – people wearing an invisible stigma of inner darkness that swallows them and leaves them lonely and shattered in a world for which they are nothing else but human capital while they are still trying to fake a highly functional life.



Lost in Society

This work stands for all the people out there who are broken by an endless battle against themselves and the outside pressure of a world that only values efficiency. It embodies the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and loneliness between a crowd of others that seems to cope well with far too high standards of life. But even in the darkest place is a silver lining – often not hidden for the own eye but well seen by others who offer a hand to assist, to cope, to survive.


Embroidery to Decelerate

I chose embroidery for this piece to translate a topic caused by a fast paces world into the result of a slow creation process. Stitching takes a long time, especially while aiming to capture the likeness of a person. Furthermore the craft of embroidery allows me to manifest the conflict between the paralysed state of being and the devious environment by combining neat stitches with almost loose thread.


The piece is available in my shop.


Info: 30 x 30 cm, black, white, blue and silver metallic floss on white cotton, glass frame in silver