Hidden Self – Acrylic Portraits

The Swiss-German psychologist Arno Gruen established the theory that most adults hide their true self deep inside, detach it from their souls so it becomes a stranger inside. Therefore humans tend to live a life which is a reflection of societies expectations causing several pains by suppressing that part of themselves which would lead to a fulfilled life.


Regarding to that theory I started a portrait series to show the unique pain behind the perfect facade caused by the attempt to fit in. I want to capture the painful layer between that hidden self and society’s version of the person.


These portraits require a deep look at the inside of every person and are linked to deep and long conversations. I’m thankful for everyone who allows me to touch this vulnerable side of them.


The series is still in progress and will constantly be updated.


Thomas – July 2016

Acrylic paint, stretched canvas, matte spray protection varnish. 22 x 18″.