Creepy Claddagh & Zombie Hands – Halloween Jewellery

For me, Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. As a native German I didn’t grow up celebrating this time of the year and even though I love dressing up I never became friends with carnival which is far more popular in Germany.


Since I’m living in Scotland I finally have the chance to enjoy the whole Halloween experience and of course I had to create two creepy themed jewellery pieces which I’m going to wear the whole October.


Creepy Claddagh Necklace



My Halloween necklace is inspired by the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring. I transferred the design into a necklace and let the hands hold an anatomic heart while the vessels represent the crown. With this twist I created a creepy motive which still has a bit of romance in it.


Creepy Claddagh is available in my Etsy shop.


Info: shrink plastic, red and black permanent pen, matte spray varnish, 3,2″ x 3,2″, silver plated curb chain


Zombie Hand Earrings



Zombies are still a very popular phenomenon in pop culture and, to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of movies, series or computer games featuring the living dead. But nonetheless I somehow appreciate the aesthetics of zombies and resembled these combined with a naive touch of Frankenstein’s monster by creating the Zombie Hand earrings.


Zombie Hand is available in my Etsy shop.


Info: shrink plastic, polychromo pencils, matte spray varnish, 2,4″ long and 0,5″