I’m Elsa P. Underwood

And I’m an Edinburgh-based artist.


Everything I want in life is to express myself and open the minds of others. For me, the best way to do so is art – it’s my very own outlet of creativity, emotions, thoughts and a visual version of my life, while the observer is free to interpret my art from their point of view, incorporating their own feelings, thoughts and believes to create an unique connection.


Art always is a dialogue between the artist, the world and the viewer – and I love to share my views on the world with you.


Art for the heavy-hearted

My work captures my very own perception of mind, relationships and society – it’s art about humans as well as for humans and often about the dark sides in our beings we tend to ignore and suppress. I want to make the subtext visible. I want to show what others fear don’t see.


My tools to create visibility are acrylic paintings and embroidery in monochrome colour schemes which draw the attention of the motive itself while only light and shadow create the focus.


Acrylic paintings allow me to create a deep story which expresses itself to a maximum during the painting process while embroidery gives me the opportunity to slow down my work process to create schemes which carry a more subliminal message.


Make art more accessible

Art should be accessible and that’s the reason I turn some of my designs into jewellery – you don’t need walls to mount the artwork and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an original piece. All my wearables are hand drawn and completely unique.